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Music That Tells a Story



New.wav is the brothers first official release and first album with the full band (Tyson Brothers). New.wav takes influence from multiple styles to create is unique sound and energy. The album was started in the summer of 2022, being produced by Tristan and Brooks Tyson. Recording took place at Post Pro Studios in Raleigh, NC being engineered by Matt Horton, mixing was done in Los Angeles by Matt Bishop, and the album was mastered in Nashville Tennessee by Ted Jensen.

Foolish Hearts

Labeled as the brothers first demo project, Foolish Hearts was the brothers first experience writing, arranging, producing, and recording their own music. Tristan and Brooks have a wide variety of influences, which shows in Foolish Hearts mellow singer-songwriter vibe, with the brothers playing every instrument except for the few brass and woodwind parts. The brothers gained valuable experience which they used when working on the follow up project and first official release, New.wav

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