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Since 2016, the Tyson Brothers have been building a reputation as great songwriters and musicians, set apart by their high energy live performances. Starting out creating music and playing gigs in Raleigh North Carolina, the Tyson Brothers have quickly built a devoted following. The Tyson Brothers are releasing their newest album, New.wav, this summer with the first single, Whatever Happens, being released in March 2023. Get in touch to learn more about the band and upcoming gigs.

Press Release

Tristan and Brooks Tyson

Guitar, Bass, Lead Vocals

The Tyson Brothers is spearheaded by Tristan and Brooks Tyson. Tristan and Brooks started the Tyson Brothers in 2014, with Brooks originally being on drums. The two released their first demo project in August of 2019 at ages 18 and 15. Over the years, the band has grown as the brothers have added members to the group. The brothers most recently wrote and produced the bands upcoming album, New.wav. The brothers can be heard clearly with their unique "dual lead vocals" and tight harmonies featured on every Tyson Brothers song.

Holten Barnwell


Holten Barnwell joined the Tyson Brothers for a few songs in the summer of 2021 and officially joined the band that fall. There are not many things Holten does not play - from piano, to synth or organ. Since joining, Holten's presence can be heard with through the catchy synth hooks and textural piano/pad/organ parts in all of the Tyson Brothers songs.

Robert Horne


Robert Horne joined the Tyson Brothers for a show in the summer of 2019 following the release of the bands demo project, and officially joined the band shortly after. Robert can be be heard complementing Tristan Tyson's rhythm guitar playing with his unique guitar accents and runs, as well as holding down solid guitar rhythms during solo sections.

John Fleischer


John Fleischer joined the Tyson Brothers for a few shows in the fall of 2022, as Brooks Tyson experimented with the idea of moving out front to bass. John officially joined the band that winter as Brooks made the full time change from drums to bass. John's presence can be felt through his rock solid drumming, keeping the groove tight and the crowd dancing the whole show

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